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CAN-DO Foundation: Clemency 2016

Password is:   “candoclemency”

Please visit Candoclemency.com also to read more

One thought on “CAN-DO Foundation: Clemency 2016”

  1. Amazing project… and that’s not just because I did the editing… :)

    Over the last two weeks, I feel somehow like I got to know these people who poured their hearts and souls and hopes into their iPhones praying that somehow theirs voices might be heard. Whether I truly can ever understand their pain and suffering, I cried with them as I edited their homemade videos and pieced together what photos they had of their in-prisoned family members. I felt the quiet anger and silent rage at an intransigent Department of Justice that is anything but just… a politically motivated, self-protecting broken legal system that destroys lives and pillages whole communities while full-salaried lawmakers with life-pensions and healthcare (paid for by our taxes) sit on their asses in Washington DC literally doing nothing, while these often first time non-violent drug offenders waste away in prison for no good reason whatsoever, except maybe to make money for owners, stock-holders and pension funds that receive dividends from a for-profit prison system that makes money every day in the millions of dollars off of every single inmate held, every prison bed filled and every meal that’s served to the incarcerated.

    We’ll leave the light on for you. Y’all come back now…

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